A Little Bit of Our History

The story of Mott & Bayard Eyewear is the story of creating the perfect pair of glasses. Frustrated by the limited options available for low-bridge clientele, an often ignored and underserved market, Kenneth Ma, the senior buyer for Mott Optical Group, set off to create Mott & Bayard Eyewear, to change the way glasses fit so that they can be both comfortable and good-looking on everyone, even those with low nose bridges. 


Creating a single pair of Mott & Bayard frames can take as many as two dozen production steps. The manufacturer we found has years of experience in making the finest acetate frames. We work closely with them to create beautiful custom hues that are both versatile and flattering. We’ve been developing our Spring/Summer 2018 collection, and there are so many colors and shapes we want to bring to life. But to move on to the next stage, we require the capital to pay for the best quality acetate and components, as well as the cost of labor. 
Each individual component is outfitted with its hardware by a highly trained technician, hand polished, and assembled into a complete frame. If you go out today and buy a pair of glasses that’s the same quality as Mott & Bayard, you might end up paying more than $300. However, by backing our Kickstarter campaign, you'll be able to get these frames for just $75.



Come join the journey of Mott & Bayard today! We believe everyone deserves great-looking, better fitting glasses. So thank you in advance for your support!



Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

How We Are Different

Elevated Nose Pads

Our nose pads are 30% higher than most designer eyewear frames' nose pads. They provides more support and fit naturally on the nose. No more squinting or pinching!
Made With All-natural Cellulose Acetate

Each and every pair of Mott & Bayard frames is made out of an award-winning, patented high-density cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based material that is made from natural cotton and wood fibers. This material is known for being strong, lightweight, and more durable than regular cellulose acetate and plastics. It also has the widest range for transparency, rich colors, and finishes.
Comfortable Frame Tilt

We adjusted the frame tilt to make it sit parallel to the face, not at a weird tilt that can make the frame lie too close to the cheeks.

Design Highlights



The Rounds



Two Tones



Tortoise Patterns





Bold Colors





Golden Details





Oversized Sunglasses