How do we make better-fitting glasses?
Introducing: Mott & Bayard TRUE FIT 





Made With All-natural Cellulose Acetate 
Each and every pair of Mott & Bayard frames is made out of an award-winning, patented high-density cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based material that is made from natural cotton and wood fibers. This material is known for being strong, lightweight, and more durable than regular cellulose acetate and plastics. It also has the widest range for transparency, rich colors, and finishes.



Elevated Nose Pads
Our nose pads are 30% higher than most designer eyewear frames' nose pads. This means that they can provide more support and fit more naturally on the nose. No more squinting or pinching!





Comfortable Frame Tilt
We adjusted the frame tilt to make it sit parallel to the face, not at an uncomfortable tilt that can make the frame lie too close to the cheeks.



Five-Barrel Hinges
We added Five-Barrel Hinges to increase the stability of the frame and decrease the chances of losing a screw.