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Mott and Bayard Now Offers Blue-Light Filtering Lenses 

Eyes tired after a long day looking at your computer screen? Get your Mott and Bayards with "Blue light protection" in your lens options and it we will add a clear, everyday lens that reduce the high energy that radiates from your digital devices.   

Sleep better by block blue light

Blue light suppresses Melatonin; a chemical that your brain releases that regulates the circadian rhythm or your biological clock. That means it would throw off your sleep cycle and you'll be tired but can't fall asleep or tired when you are supposed to be awake.

Mott and Bayard Blue Light Lens

Most ultraviolet and high-energy blue light coming from natural sunlight, LED and fluorescent lighting, and digital devices are reflect or absorb by our lens. This will reduce the threat of high energy blue light from reaching your eyes and retina. 

Where does Blue-light come from? 

Blue-light is more common than you think. It primarily comes from the sun. But because we already have sunglasses to protect yourself from the UV and Blue light coming from the sun, when you take them off to go inside, you would leave your eyes exposed to LED, fluorescent, and light coming form digital devices. You may need blue light filter lenses if you spend a lot of time in front of: 

What is blue-light? 

Not to get all technical on you, blue light is simply is a range of light between 400-490nm that contains the highest amount of energy with the shortest wavelength in the visible light spectrum. Prolong exposure to this light is linked to cataracts and macular degeneration.