The story of Mott & Bayard Eyewear is the story of finding the perfect pair of glasses. Buying a pair of glasses that fits well and looks great is tough. Some frames may look stylish, but once you put them on, they sit too close to your cheeks or feel too heavy on your nose. Some may fit perfectly, but you wouldn't be caught dead leaving the house wearing them. Mott & Bayard Eyewear was created to change that. We make great-looking and better fitting glasses with the finest material on the market so that people can feel both confident and comfortable wearing them.



A Few Words From The Founder


Kenneth Ma, Founder of Mott & Bayard Eyewear


Over the years, I’ve come across hundreds of fashion and designer eyewear brands. One thing that still strikes me today is that most glasses are made without different types of facial structures in mind. There are only a handful of eyewear brands that offer alternative fits. That’s why I created Mott & Bayard, to change the way glasses fit so that they can be both comfortable and good-looking on everyone, even those with low nose bridges.




With this simple mission in mind, we started Mott & Bayard at the corner of Mott St and Bayard St.







Mott & Bayard Eyewear embodies the cultural and stylistic dynamism of Lower Manhattan by capturing the look and feel of SoHo and Chinatown. Each pair of Mott & Bayard frames are made out of the best acetate material on the market, and feature elevated nose pads that offer a more accurate and comfortable fit. We want to give people the freedom to choose the frames they want, without worrying about the fit.

We believe everyone deserves great-looking and better-fitting glasses.